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Always In Style t can be exhaust-ing to keep up with the latest fashions, trends, technologies, fads and colors. One year tall boots are hot, then the next year ankle boots are back in style. Stripes are in, polka dots are out, MySpace is old news but Pinterest is the place to be online. Pastels are dated, bright colors are cool again. One thing is for sure, something new will jump ahead soon, so you must always keep your antenna up! It is nice to pause and reflect on the many things in life that never go out of style: • Good manners – your mother was right, people really do appreciate it when you say please and thank you, look them in the eye when you shake their hand, and write personal thank you notes. • Being prepared – do your homework so that you will be able to spot opportunities when they arise. There are no short cuts only detours on the path to success. • Dressing the part --again, you should listen to your mother and dress a little nicer, watch what your boss wears and see how the folks on the fast track present themselves. • Being professional – watch those fast trackers and see how they conduct themselves in meet-ings. People find a way of recycling over your career. • Taking the high road – your reputation is your biggest asset so do not say or do anything you 22 Cover 2 Cover Magazine | March 2012 by Paige Arnof-Fenn • • • • • may regret later. Never burning a bridge – are you seeing a theme here? It is always best to make friends before you need them. Your allies can be anywhere in an organization so be nice to everyone. I know many CEOs who started out in the mailroom or at the front desk. Eating healthy foods – garbage in garbage out. Sleeping enough – being tired will not let you operate at the top of your game. Exercising – take good care of yourself, you are no good to anyone if you are sick. Being honest – keep the promises you make. Integrity matters, be known for always doing the right thing. These 10 steps are timeless advice that has been passed down for generations. Your parents and grand-parents followed these rules and despite the latest trends, they still work for you today! How can you argue with that?

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