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love the concept of second chances, the op-portunity to try again and do something even better. For women we can recreate our im-age through makeup, hair styles & colors and clothes. Fashion magazines do it all the time with before and after shots. Guys can do it too and the afters objectively, looks much better every time. In golf there is the concept of a mulligan, a do over shot off the tee. Wouldn’t life be great if we all could carry a do over card with us at all times and whip it out when we screw up? In the age of social media and Facebook, cell phone cameras, TMZ and You Tube, it seems like our every move and word is now captured and documented for eternity. We actually do have more opportunities for make-overs than you realize. Here are a few ideas you could use as an excuse for a new haircut, hair color, outfit or cosmetics purchase: • If you are a student get a new look for back to school • Starting a new job? Another great time to try a new look! • Milestone birthday coming up? • New Year’s Resolution • Bad break up or divorce? • • • • Post vacation pick me up Lost a lot of weight recently? Change of season? Time for a new wardrobe! Just because! So if you are not happy with the way you present yourself, it is time to change! Madonna has made her-self over for four decades (leather/tough → kabbalah → yoga, etc.) and she is more relevant now than ever! She had the largest audience in history for this year’s Super Bowl. Angelina Jolie went from wild child wearing a vial of her husband’s blood on a necklace to mother of the year and UN Ambassador. Remember when Oprah Winfrey was just a talk show host? Now she is a global humanitarian educating girls in Africa. You do not need to be in the witness protection pro-gram to try on a new identity. Give it a shot & see what you think, you might just find a makeover is exactly what you need to reach new heights. Talk to your coach, hair stylist, partner, friend, mentor or the lady at the cosmetics counter & start collecting ideas! What do you have to lose? Even if you just add one new thing to your routine or bag of tricks, it might be just enough to spice things up and reinvigorate you on all fronts. Happy April! 24 Cover 2 Cover Magazine | April 2012

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