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Resources Set Yourself Free Overcoming & Rebuilding Your Life | $20 Be prepared to release your cares and embrace the possibilities that await you. Allow Dr. Barrett to take you step by step through the process of becoming totally and completely free. Paperback Ebook Mentors guide, correct and love you to the top. Dr. Donna L. Houpe Women of Purpose 2016 Conference Series | $20 Grab your copy of “The Golden Life: Women of Purpose” Featuring Conference Host, Dr. Donna L. Houpe : Living Your Best Life on Purpose Mrs. Marquita Miller: Living a Life that Impacts Others Dr. Brenda M. Barrett: Living the Satisfied Life on Purpose. View SITE Just Say Yes T-shirt | $25 Just Say Yes T-shirt | $25 SELECT SIZE TO BUY SELECT SIZE TO BUY S M L XL 6 S M L XL

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