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TRAVEL Enrich Your Life Through Travel by Paige Arnof-Fenn I’m excited to be a contributing writer for Cover 2 Cover. What a fun idea to use pop culture and TV sitcoms to inspire the themes for each month this year. I watched a LOT of television in the 60s, 70s and 80s and still love winding down each day with late night shows. Although I never was a regular fan of Wings I do love to travel so I wanted to share some tips and ideas for all you fellow travelers out there. In my experience when I’ve had the most time to travel in my life I’ve had the least amount of cash and when I worked on Wall Street or had lucrative jobs it did not allow much time for travel sadly. So when you are in the fortunate position of having both time and money I highly recommend that you pack your bags and hit the road! I was an exchange student in both high school and college and living in a foreign country during your teens and 20s can be a transformative experience. For me it became immediately apparent that there were far more similarities than differences. Fathers are strict with their teenage daughters, younger sib -lings can be annoying in any language, moms never like how the kids are dressed, teens break curfews and sneak cigarettes and alcohol with their friends, you get the idea. I believe if everyone in the world were free to travel and was encouraged to explore other cultures and ways of life there would be no more war in this world. It is hard to fight with people once you see their families love them as much as yours does you. They may eat different foods, listen to strange mu -sic, celebrate holidays you have never heard of and 38 Cover 2 Cover Magazine | June 2011 have customs you do not recognize but they also have parents, siblings, children, and grandparents they care about deeply just like you do. To travel is to learn, to grow, to appreciate. Travel enriches your life by exposing you to new people, sights, sounds and flavors. Traveling gets you out of your routines and comforts zone. It is a great way to get your creative juices flowing and reenergize your life. When the synapses keep firing you ward off Alzheimer’s too! As an adult my trips are much shorter in length but with a global network of friends I always try to get the local experience wherever I go. I recommend you also try to stay in neighborhood inns vs. Ameri-can chain hotels and find out where the locals get morning coffee or meals when possible. Haven’t you been to enough Starbucks and McDonald’s already? Do your research online for good airline travel deals and passes for buses and subways. Find walking tours and explore off the beaten path hid -den jewels that every city has if you just ask around. You do not have to fly to a foreign country to get away or enjoy the benefits of travel. Taking a train, car or bicycle can be equally exhilarating. Where I live now in New England, you can be in another state in less than an hour. Where I grew up on the Gulf Coast, it is so easy to cross state lines too. Even with a large state like California you could go to the beach and the mountains all in the same day if you wanted. The summer is here so carve out some time to get away! You’ll feel refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated, trust me. What are you waiting for? Let us know where your travels bring you!

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