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In 2005, American futurist Patricia Aburdene wrote “the synergy of changing values and economic ne-cessity is transforming capitalism.” Aburdene was forecasting the dawning of a new era. When human society begins to shift its values, we are manifesting evolutionary growth — a raising of our consciousness. In other words, our discovery that the old ways of being (capitalism, communism, democracy) no longer serve us, opening us up for new possibilities. This search for new possibilities ‘raises up’ a deeper shared wisdom or value set from which we govern our actions. Whether we operate consciously or uncon-sciously, what we value drives our behaviour. In a world that currently places a higher value on diamonds than on life-sustaining water, it is no surprise that greed is a modus operandi in our economic, political and personal lives. The table below is my attempt at documenting the shifted values being expressed by the ‘99% occupying Wall Street’ worldwide ( VALUES Societal Value Creation IMPLEMENTATION Large-scale social good through sustainable triple bottom line strategies (people, planet, prosperity) Corporate citizens inspiring and aligning stewardship and ethical conduct Economic and social justice models creating societal value rather than just shareholder value Humane, inclusive, enlight-ened self-mastery Partnering with all stakehold-ers in designing value for society Corporate Social Responsibility Social Equity Conscious Capitalism Co-creation Choose from a variety of Fiction eBooks • Crime Fiction • Romance • Science Fiction • Suspense/Thrillers or Get your academic eBooks Civil society is universally speaking out against ineq-uity, injustice and corporate greed. We are in the early stages of a social revolution that now requires our social institutions (governments, business, education, health care, etc.) to become champions and imple-menters of change or to become ashes of the fallout. What conscious choice are you making? Sources: Aburdene, Patricia. 2005. Megatrends 2010: The Rise of Conscious Capitalism, Hampton Roads Publishing Co., Inc., VA. Bapuji, Hari & Suhaib, Riaz. 2011. Occupy Wall Street: What Businesses Need to Know. HBR Blog Network, October 14. http://blogs.hbr. org/cs/2011/10/occupy_wall_street_what_business.html Sivakumar, S. 2011. What Business Should Do About Occupy Wall Street, HBR Blog Network, October 24. http://blogs. Stills, Stephen. 1967. Song lyrics: “For What It’s Worth”. CLICK HERE 24 Cover 2 Cover Magazine | November 2011


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